How to remove left over wax from candle containers:

Freezer Method (For small amounts of wax left over.)

Pop your container in the freezer and leave in there for about an hour or two.  Take container out and set on a towel or other soft surface then with the tip of a butter knife, gently press down to break the wax.  Be careful not to press to hard and break the container.  Break up wax in several different places.  Pieces of the wax should come right out.  Gently scrape container sides/bottom with the knife to remove any left over wax.  To avoid breakage of container, WAIT for container to reach room temperature then wash with warm soapy water.

Toaster Oven Method (For larger amounts of wax left over.)

Turn toaster oven on "warm" setting and place container in oven.  DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED.  Wait until wax is completely liquefied then carefully remove container using a potholder and pour into a disposable container (e.g. plastic cup, tin can, etc.). NEVER POUR WAX DOWN THE SINK. 
NOTE:  Container will be VERY hot!  Hold container with potholder and carefully wipe away excess liquid wax with a clean paper towel.  WAIT until container is touchable then wash with warm soapy water.

Hot Water Method (For any amount of wax left over.)

Bring water to a boil then pour water into container until all left over wax is fully submerged.  Wait until wax is softened.  Take a butter knife and scrape wax off bottom and sides.  You will know it's soft enough when wick base lifts easily.  Stir up all wax until no more is stuck to container.  Gently pour water/wax into a disposable container.  NEVER POUR WAX DOWN THE SINK.  Once container is touchable, wipe away excess wax with a clean paper towel.  Then wash with warm soapy water.

How to remove labels from GS Candle containers:

Once container is empty, hold container under warm/hot (as hot as you can take) so that the water is continually running over label.  As water is running over label, gently start pealing the corner of the label ensuring that water is reaching the underneath of the label as you are peeling.  This will loosen up the adhesive and allow for easy removal.  Peel away and wash area with warm soapy water to remove residual adhesive.


How to get the most life out of your soy candles:


Use these simple guidelines when burning your soy candle to get the most life out of them and ensure they burn properly.


Did you know that soy candles have a memory?

With soy wax, each time you burn your candle the melt pool will follow the same pattern as the last burn.  That’s why it is very important to burn your candle long enough to allow the melt pool to reach all sides during its FIRST burn.  Then you will have an even melt pool all the way down and avoid the “tunneling” affect.

A good rule of thumb is to burn your candle 1 hour for every inch wide that the candle is.  So for a 3” wide candle, you need to burn your candle for at least 3 hours when you light it the first time.


Keep your soy candles away from drafts.

Soy candles produce little to no soot when burned properly, buy any candle will smoke and create soot if exposed to too much air such as a draft.


Wick trimming might be needed.

GS Candles uses self-trimming wicks, but if too much carbon gets built up at end of wick, it may be necessary to keep wick trimmed 1/4 inch.  Sometimes this happens if the candle has too much fragrance or the wick is too large for the container.


Safety Tips:

Never burn your candles near anything that is flammable.  Make sure there is nothing near your flame that would catch on fire.  Which is another good reason to keep your candle away from drafts. 


Never pick up your glass or tin container after your candle has been burning.  The container will be EXTREMELY HOT and you will burn your hands and possibly spill melted wax everywhere.  If you do, that’s when its nice to know how easy it is to clean up spilled soy wax... all you need is hot soapy water!