Here's what some of our customers are saying about GS Candles:

Love, love, love these candles! Have been buying them for years as gifts but end up usually keeping and burning them for myself. Great scents, and refillable containers. ~ Carol M.

I love these candles! the wax is the most perfect thing for candlemaking, I think I remember it as soy based or something like that. They burn perfectly uniform and have the most amazing aroma! ~ Dan G.

These candles are wonderful!! Far superior to any of the store bought candles I've used and the seller is both friendly and efficient. ~ Kathee H.

GS Candles have a variety of scents and container sizes. GS candles considers the environment and your health by using soy. They burn so nicely for party, romantic evening, or to just sooth away the day. The candles add a wonderful aroma to the air, but not over powering. One of the best added bonus is that GS candles clean‐out your old container and puts in a new candle for a small charge. I have been using GS candles for 7 years and just love them. I have gotten candle for many different gift baskets and they are always well received. This is for sure one of the best, if not the best quality in candles. ~ Laura E.

I love candles, I mean I am a candle junkie. These are the best candles I have ever bought.  Won't settle for anything else any more. ~ Denise R.

GS has the most unique and wonderful scents! All natural candles! They are not overbearing. They're the best burning candles. They're made from Soy. I love GS candles!!!   ~ Hillina S.

So many fragrances to choose from. The candles burn evenly and the fragrance lasts a long time even when not burned. I love GS candles! ~ Nicole S.

I have bought about fifty of these candles for the last few Christmases to give as gifts to co‐workers and teachers and anyone that comes along. I have bought several for myself too because they last so long and smell amazing! My current favorite is Tahitian Vanilla and my hubby LOVES it! Definitely worth the purchase! ~ Heather C.

I am very sensitive when it comes to smelling fragrances. The fragrances you use and mix together are so appealing and are not overbearing. I love your candles. Thank you for making such a great product. ~ Lisa B.

They melt evenly and the scents are naturally pleasing to the nose . I have given them as gifts and everyone has enjoyed them!  ~ Kate B.

I've always enjoyed scented candles, as long as they have quality fragrance and wax. No smokey cheap candles with fake smelling scents for me. So I tend to be picky. But I love these candles! They use high‐end scents, clean wax, and lead‐free wicks. And I live sort of far away, so I get them by mail. The first time I opened the shipping box, I expected to see a basic clear jar wrapped in some kind of packing material. Nope! Even the packaging and jars are thoughtfully presented. It feels like a present arriving in the mail. Oh, and they make custom scents if you want! A couple of times I've found candles I like elsewhere that were too expensive. So I bought ONE, then sent it to GS Candles and asked them to make me something similar!!! How cool is that?! I enjoy quality goods and I enjoy supporting small, caring businesses. You cannot go wrong if you try these. ~ Denise S.